This track will present technology assessments and diverse case studies focusing on cloud and big data solutions aimed at commercial settings. It will also demonstrate how emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things can be beneficial to different organizations. Six sessions are lined up, each one focusing on a different aspect of how businesses can profit from the latest in cloud computing and big data.

Tuesday, September 29

Wednesday, September 30

Conservative Bank Treads Softly Into Cloud

As head of infrastructure at DZ BANK, Dr. Jan Vitt is cautiously leading the conservative German financial institution’s investment into cloud. Germany, after all, has some of the most stringent privacy and security regulations in the world, and DZ BANK must adhere to its nation’s rules, as well as industry and European Union protocols. However, DZ BANK does operate several private and public clouds, a topic Vitt will discuss in his keynote at ISC Cloud & Big Data on Sept. 29 in Frankfurt, Germany. Follow the event at @ISCCloudBigdata.

Vitt, who began his technology career as a management consultant, has been responsible for DZ BANK’s internal IT operations for the past seven years. He recently responded to an email Q&A with Enterprise Technology. Read more.